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Sonya Richmond and Sean Morton giving presentation at Memorial University, Newfoundland

We are happy to share our story through online or in-person presentations for naturalist groups, Girl Guide and Boys Scout troops, classrooms, and any other interested parties, through radio interviews and podcasts, and through the written media.  Our goal is to help diversify the outdoors community and inspire people to connect to nature through birds and Citizen Science, by sharing stories from the trail, introducing people to birds and Citizen Science, talking about Important Bird Areas, and sharing six fun and easy steps we can all take to help birds. If you would like to have us give a presentation or interview please contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

To listen to some of our previous presentations, and see a list of previous speaking engagemets, please click here.

To hear some of our podcasts, radio interviews, and TV interviews, please click here.

To read some of the articles that have been published about the hike, please click here.

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