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Sean and Sonya are passionate about nature, hiking, photography, birding, and diversifying the outdoor community.  In 2019 we began an epic journey hiking across Canada on the world's longest recreational trail - the 28,000 km long Trans Canada Trail.  Over 556 days we've walked 13,716 km from Cape Spear, NL to Victoria, BC, completing our westward journey when we reached the Pacific Ocean on Nov 24, 2022. We invite you to join us virtually as we hike north to Tuktoyaktuk, NT in 2023!

We set out in 2019 on our #Hike4Birds to learn about Canada's landscapes, wildlife, and people.  For us, this journey is about diversity and connections - people to people, people to nature, past to present, and coast-to-coast-to-coast. Embarking on this adventure is a great privilege, and we hope to give something back along the way.  Our goal is to inspire people of all ages, physical abilities, cultural backgrounds, genders, orientations, and identities, and especially youth, to connect to nature through birds and Citizen Science.  And what a journey the first 13,716 km have been!  We have become Fellows of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Trans Canada Trail Pathfinders, Adventure Seekers for

Eh Canada Travel, a Royal Canadian Geographical Society Expedition, and as RCGS Researchers we will be sharing our adventures through an educational StoryMap! 


We invite you to 'Come Walk With Us' as we continue our #Hike4Birds across Canada!

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East Coast Trail

Via Podiensis.jpg

via podiensis

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camino Finisterre

Madrid to Tres Cantos (32).JPG

camino de Madrid

Grandas de Salime to Fonsagrada (75).JPG

camino Primitivo


Camino Frances

Camino Portuguese 2.jpg

Camino Portuguese

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Bruce Trail

Poladura to Llana (132).JPG

camino San Salvador


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