Our Goal

We are planning to hike from St. John's NL to Victoria BC, and paddle from Edmonton, AB to Tuktoyaktuk, NT on the Great Trail.   En route we intend to blog our experiences, post pictures of our incredible nation, and talk to students and classes across the country.  Working in collaboration with Bird Studies Canada, we will start in May 2019, and it will take us nearly three years to complete the 23,000 km long portion of the trail we plan to cover.

We are walking with the hope that we can spark a sense of enthusiasm, wonder, and concern for the natural world in those we meet.  As we cross this vast country of ours, we would like to engage with as many people as we can, to hear your stories, and to share our message about the importance of conserving Canada's birds and their habitats.  We believe that nurturing strong connections to the natural world, to local communities, and to ourselves is important for developing healthy bodies, minds, and spirits, especially in children and young adults. The trail will take us within 10 km of 71 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and within 20 km of 116 IBAs, and we hope to encourage as many people as we can to visit and learn about these important areas with us.  IBAs range in size from tiny patches of habitat to large tracts of water, and they can be important because they are home to rare or threatened birds, large groups of breeding or wintering birds, migrating birds, or a high diversity of different species. Many of them also provide exciting opportunities for people to get outside and enjoy nature, go birding, or even become citizen scientists by logging their observations of the natural world on online data collection sites like eBird.

You can help us reach our goal by supporting our hike, donating to our cause, following us online through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our blog, or you can Come Walk With Us.

Map of Canada showing Important Bird Areas and the Great Trail

Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas

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