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Our Invitation

Sean and I are passionate about nature, hiking, photography, birding, diversifying the outdoor community, and exploring new places.  We have decided to leave our jobs, sell our house, and walk across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail from Cape Spear, NL to Victoria, BC, and then from Edmonton, AB to Tuktoyaktuk, NT. We began our journey on June 1st, 2019 and predict we will finish in the fall of 2022!

We have set out to learn about Canada's landscapes, wildlife, and people. For us this journey is about diversity and connections - people to people, people to nature, past to present, and coast to coast to coast.  Embarking on this adventure is a great privilege, and we hope to give something back along the way by inspiring people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, orientations, and identities, with a focus especially on youth, to connect to nature through birding. We are collaborating with the Great Trail and local nature groups across Canada to encourage people to re-connect with nature in their own communities.  We are sharing six simple, fun steps people can take to help birds in their own neighbourhoods and featuring opportunities for becoming involved in conservation through Community Science (a.k.a. Citizen Science) programs.


We are walking with the hope that we can spark a sense of enthusiasm, curiosity, and concern for the natural world in all those we meet along the way.  As we cross this vast country of ours, we are engaging with as many people and communities as we can, to hear their stories and to share our message about the importance of connecting with nature.  We strongly believe that exchanging our digital landscapes for natural ones to spend a few minutes outdoors each day helps us all to nurture strong connections to the natural world, to local communities, and to ourselves. Exploration, creativity, innovation, and out-of-the-box solutions are necessary to solve the climate crisis we're all faced with, and we hope to inspire people with as many different perspectives, unique talents, and alternative viewpoints as possible to become the next generation of explorers, scientists, and outdoor enthusiasts. It is through diversity that we can achieve new imaginings of our identities, communities, and ways of critically thinking about the challenges facing our environment.


Whether you are interested in learning more about our journey or how you can become involved in the conservation of birds, whether you have a story of your own to tell us, or even if you just feel like going for a walk, we invite you to COME WALK WITH US!

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